Our goal is to make your dream come true

Package of immigration services

  • Free assessment of qualifications
  • Consultation about Immigration laws, rules and regulations
  • Complete all the necessary immigration forms
  • Provide information and checklist of documents required in support of a successful application package of the immigration process and their correctness
  • Analyze, process and submit application packages to all Canadian Immigration Laws and Regulations
  • Preparation of the application package to the Community Immigration Initiative
  • Preparation for an interviews 
  • Submission of the application package to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program in Winnipeg
  • Analyzing, processing and completion of the application packages after receiving letter of Approval from Provincial Immigration
  • Submission of the application package to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Truck application package through the immigration process and provide information about next steps in a timely matter
  • Provide information about changes in the Immigration Law and Regulations is applicable
  • Contact with  authorities involved in the immigration process
  • Maintain regular correspondence
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents on arrival in the province of Manitoba
  • Reservations of  transitional house in Morden
  • Provide contact information of Settlement Service offices available to all immigrants and etc. 

Our goal - is to help to make your dream come true!