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10 Great Reasons to live in Morden

1. Morden offers an enviable quality of life. Rural living at its best with all the amenities of a larger center.  Morden was voted one of the ten "Best In Country Living" places in Canada by Harrowsmith Country Life magazine (2004). Morden is a clean, safe and secure community that is steeped in history and culture.
2. Morden combines all the best elements of great place to live - four distinct seasons of sunshine, clean air and water and the endless celebration of life and culture by people who love opening their hearts to new friends.
3. Living coast are some of the most affordable in Canada, with house prices, auto insurance, electricity, university or college tuition available at a very reasonable cost. 
4. Mordenites come from all parts of the world. We each bring our own special heritage and experience and together we form a dynamic, culturally rich community. The city of Morden supports and encourages immigration.
5. Access to "state of the art" health facilities. High quality public health care is available free to residents. Manitoba residents receive physician and hospital care at no charge. Immigrants are eligible for these services as soon as you arrive.
6. A superb education system in Morden, and its close proximity to affordable post-secondary educational institutions and universities ensures educational opportunities for everyone. 
7. The low cost of living gives Morden its more disposable income to spend on the rich array of lifestyle and recreational opportunities that are available.
8. Five Playgrounds with play structures, miles of walking paths, an abundance of green space, a scenic lake by an ever-beautiful 18 hole Golf Course contribute to make Morden the "Best In Country Living"
9.  If you want to join Morden's highly skilled divers' workforce, you've come to the right place. Whether you're just starting out on your career path, or looking to change direction, opportunity awaits you in Morden
10. Those of us who live here know what a high quality of life Morden offers its residents. A caring community, welcoming citizens, and a vibrant multicultural milieu make Morden -The Best Place to live, Work and Raise a family!